Watch This Space….

   It’s amazing what 6 weeks can do to my troubled Phillies fan soul. Developments and a new team evolution of the last month and a half bring the sweet scent of fresh air to a team, a city, a fan’s heart and a blogspace.
   I’ve been still going to games, I’ve been watching and listening, reading and following. Rather than killing the blog I am reviving it. Stay tuned. I’ll be back later today with views and new photos.
   There is a new heart beating on the field and it is years overdue. Win or lose, there is cause for interest, joy and hope.


One comment

  1. Derek

    AMEN sister!! I just hope the cheap ownership group keeps the wallets a bit free and allows Pat Gillick to do what he does best. If they stay out of the way and let him(gillick) do his thing, we will see playoff baseball real soon–maybe this year??

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