About philliesgirl

I have loved baseball for more than 50
years. I grew up in Phillies country as a Pirates fan who
worshipped Bill Mazeroski, but the rest of my family loved
the Phillies, so they were my second team. I went to my first
game at Connie Mack Stadium with my grandfather (a season
ticket holder) when I was about 5 or 6. He paid a man who
lived nearby for the season so he could park his Chrysler
Imperial with major fins on the man’s driveway. I first
tasted water ice outside the ballpark at 17th and Lehigh.
When Roberto Clemente (who I saw get his 2,999th hit at The
Vet) died, I was living in Philly by then and falling in love
with the Phillies team with young kids named Bowa, Schmidt,
Luzinski et al. I didn’t know anyone in the city and went to
the ball games almost every night. I saw the team that won it
all in 1980 evolve and add Dave Cash, Garry Lee, Manny
Trillo, etc and I was at a lot of cool milestone games over
the years. I will always be in love with the game and I will
always support the team, although during the Travis Lee-Scott
Rolen years, I finally dropped the family season ticket
(after 40+ years). Those teams had no soul. The last few
years were frustrating, but I never got the idea they didn’t
try or care…they did, the team just wasn’t good enough. I
subscribe to the eternal hope of Spring and the fact that
everyone is 0-0 on Opening Day.


Baseball, photography, books and reading,
movies, music, travel